Players are knowing how I like to work, Croatia's Vercesi says


Croatia players celebrate

Rome, September 28, Italy, 2014 – Croatia conquered a wonderful third victory of this FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship Italy 2014, a victory gained at the tie-break.

Croatia coach Angelo Vercesi: ”The thing that I say every match is that this team grows and it grows during the match. We are knowing us, we are together only three months. Players are knowing how I like to work, I am knowing which players I have. We haven’t done important events like this, while Italy or Dominican Republic are expert about these events.”

Croatia captain Maja Poljak: ”We are very satisfied for the score, but the game hasn’t been always good, but with a lot of errors. Today it wasn’t great volleyball to see and neither to play. We have had too many moments of total dark. However we are happy for this fundamental victory.”

Germany coach Giovanni Guidetti: ”Croatia played better than us today. Any time they received well, they played better. They had three to four attackers at all times. Tonight we had one attacker. We have had different players play well in the tournament, but not all at the same time. Now it is very difficult moving on to second round. We need a miracle in the second round.”

Germany captain Margareta Kozuch: "We are very disappointed for the end of this match. We knew we can win. We was at advantage and we didn’t conquer the victory. Unfortunately after Croatia never let go and they started to receive very well. They have started to play with great heart and we haven’t been successful to close the fourth set.”


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