Kiraly: “We fear no-one”


Kiraly praised the unique style of Thailand

Verona, Italy, September 27, 2014 – After beating Thailand in straight sets, USA coach Karck Kiraly declared his team fear no-one ahead of a crunch pool C match against Russia on Sunday.

USA captain Christa Harmott Dietzen: “Thailand is a very unique team. They run a lot. Maybe they are similar to Japan, but they are unique. Players can hit all the zones and everybody can get everything so it makes it very difficult as blockers to read them, but I think Tetori and Rachael did a great job being patient and waiting for them to attack.”

“We are not worried for tomorrow's match against Russia. I don't think we are ever worried, we will treat it like every other match. We are focused on playing a good volleyball.”

USA coach Karch Kiraly: “Thailand fight very hard and they play hard. They are a young team and they are exciting to watch. Regarding tomorrow's match against Russia, I think they are a really good team and we are excited to play against them.”

Thailand captain Pornpun Guedpard: “We are impressed by the number of supporters and we are really thankful for their support because we know they come from all over Europe.”
Thailand Coach Kiattipong Radchatagriengkai: “I'm satisfied with my team. They are young players but they played with a good spirit. USA played very well and we have learnt a lot from them. Tomorrow we must be careful against Kazakhstan.”


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