Concentration and high spirit key to Thailand's first win


Thailand players are all smiles after their first win at this World Championship

Verona, Italy, September 25, 2014 - Thailand said concentration and team spirit were key to their first victory at this World Championship as they beat Mexico in straight sets at PalaOlimpia on Thursday.

Thailand coach Kiattipong Radchatagiengkai: “My players did a good job in an exciting game. Mexico played with high spirit. My players were fighting even though they were very tired from last night. The spirit of the team was very important today. This is very good for us to learn. Our players are young and I expect this tournament will make them grow up.” 

On setting a World Championship record (winning a set 36-34): “Wow. We are very happy and it is true of my players. They are concentrated and it was a key point for us.”

“Tomorrow we will rest because the three games have been very hard for them. The next game we will try to do better and better.”

Thailand captain Pornpun Guedpard: “I am very happy today. I enjoyed it very much and especially in the second set everyone helped each other. We tried to win the game and we are very happy.”

“We made mistakes a lot in the second set but the spirit got us through. We forgave each other.”

“Italy is my dream country. We stay in a very nice place with nice people and the food is great.”

Mexico captain Andrea Rangel: “I'm not completely satisfied because we were very closed to the victory but we didn't gain it. We lost concentration in the most important moments of the sets and this is something we have to work on.”

Mexico coach Jorge Miguel Azair: “I'm very proud of my girls because they tried their best. This is a young team and they have played together only for a short time. In the important moments we became nrvous and had no clear mind to take decisions”.


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