USA sweep the Netherlands on their way to the second round


Celeste Plak was the top scorer on the Netherlands side

Verona, Italy, September 25, 2014 – USA got their ticket to the second round sweeping in straight sets (29-27, 25-21, 25-18) in the last match of the day in Pool C at PalaOlimpia on Thursday.

Key points:

•USA have beaten the Netherlands six times in six World Championship meetings 
•They have only previously won in straight sets on two occasions in 1956 and 2010
•USA have only lost one set at this World Championship in the match against Mexico
USA became the only team to win their first three matches in each of the last four World Championships (2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014). 

Celeste Plak proved the safest choice for the Netherland’s attack with a total of 16 points scored.


Her scoring performance was almost equaled by USA’s captain Christa Harmott Dietzen and Kimberley Hill, who both contributed 14 points to USA’s win. 

USA started aggressive in the first set, but the Netherlands reacted quickly. The match proceeded balanced until the second technical time out. 

Tetori Dixon and Anne Bujis shined from the two sides of the court keeping the score levelled, while Celeste Plak confirmed to be one of the most valuable player on the Netherlands team, scoring 10 points in the first set.

The match was tight and both sides halted each other’s attempts to win the set, until USA eventually edged ahead and Jordan Larson spiked to take the set 29-27.

The second set began in the same fashion, but after the first technical time out USA looked more determined and dominated counting could count on captain’s Christa Dietzen consistency in attack. 

The Netherlands did not concede points easily and Buijs and Manon Flier kept blocking and attacking, but a shot by Kimberly Hill gave the second set 25-21 to the Americans. 

Unforced errors in service and reception started to creep on both sides of the court as the two teams looked increasingly tired. But USA took a decisive lead, the gap became wider as the set progressed and Dietzen signed the point that closed the match 25-18.

USA have now nine points, and a guaranteed spot in the second round of the competition. They will play Thailand on Saturday.

The Netherlands have 6 points and will take on Russia after a rest day.


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