Champions Russia suffer setback ahead of crunch matches


Russia lost in five sets to Turkey in the biggest shock of the second round so far

Verona, Italy, October 3, 2014 – PalaOlimpia is set to play host to the biggest matches in the second part of the second round following a rest day on Friday and all four coaches involved know that they have a tough two days ahead of them.

With the world’s top two and four of the top eight competing in Verona over the course of Saturday and Sunday, there are set to be some great matches for the watching fans as the teams battle it out to secure the top three spots and a place at the final round in Milan.

The shock result on Thursday came in Modena as reigning champions Russia lost to Turkey in five sets and speaking after the match, coach Yury Marichev was in no mood to discuss his rivals. 

“After a painful defeat like the one we suffered against Turkey, I’m really not in the mood for talking about other teams’ odds,” Marichev explained. “I prefer focusing on mine, and on the next two matches that will decide if we are going to make it to the final six or not.”

With each of the other three teams winning their first two second round matches as expected, USA were the first team to book their place in Milan and each coach gave their verdict on the tournament as it begins to reach its conclusion:
Jose Guimaraes, Brazil coach: “I think we have to think about our players. It’s a difficult match against Russia everytime because it’s a derby, USA the same. We have two tough matches in two days and we have to qualify. 

“I saw Russia’s result but we have to think about our team, not about the Russian team. We have our way and we have to play our way. Russia have problems with reception but they have very good high balls from attackers. It’s a different match everytime between us.

“There is always pressure on Brazil from everybody. If, as Brazil you get the second place then you may as well be the last one, it doesn’t matter. This is the problem everytime. We have to beat number one, it’s difficult for us but we try everytime.”

Karch Kiraly, USA coach: “Brazil is surely one of the favourites, as the reigning Olympic champion and winner of the Grand Prix. China also seem very strong to me, and who am I forgetting? Oh, the host Italy. They are playing really well and will be pushed by their fans. 

“I don’t think Russia is out of the list. Many of the players are World champions in charge, it’s still a very dangerous opponent.”

Serbia coach Zoran Terzic: “We are satisfied with our performance so far. We played well in the first phase and lost just one game against Brazil, of which there is no shame. I hope we will play at the same level to the end.

“Against USA it will be an extremely difficult game. Until now USA have shown the best volleyball in Italy. Only 100% of our power, motivation and energy we can we close. Whether we win or not, I don’t know – I hope we can. 

“Unfortunately I didn’t see something wrong with the USA team. They play very well in block and defence. They have an extremely fast attack. Sometimes they have a bad reception so we will try to use our service to hurt them. It will be very difficult.

“I am really very sorry about this. I don’t want to say the other pool is poor because of course there are very good teams but Russia, USA and Brazil are the best teams in the world at the moment and unfortunately the teams are in the same group as Serbia. This is it, what can we do? We play and try to go to the final six.”


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