Thailand sweep Mexico in thrilling contest


Thailand prevailed over Mexico in a match that last nearly two hours

Verona, Italy, September 25, 2014 – Thailand went past Mexico in three thrilling sets (27-25, 36-34, 26-24) to get their first victory in Pool C at PalaOlimpia on Thursday.

Key points:

•Thailand beat Mexico for the first time at a World Championship, as this was the first meet between the two teams at a major tournament
•Thailand had lost the previous two matches in Pool C in straight sets
•Mexico have yet to win a match at the FIVB Women’s World Championship Italy 2014, where they only won one set against USA on Tuesday

Ajcharaporn Kongyot was the top scorer for Thailand with 22 points. On the Mexican side, Rangel scored 17 points, followed by  Sainz and Carranza with 16 and 15 respectively.

Two blocks and an ace by Claudia Resendiz Lopez gave Mexico the lead in the beginning of the first set, but Thailand quickly reacted to tie at 6-6, taking advantage of attacks errors from the opposite side of the court.  

Mexico's defense was not solid enough and two blocks out from their side helped Thailand being even more determined.

Serve errors from the opponents and an ace by Dulce Carranza allowed Mexico to narrow the gap, but a series of successful serves from Thailand caused problems to the Americans’ reception 

Resendiz Lopez scored an ace and Lizbeth Sainz and Carranza spiked effectively to tie the score at 22-22. 

Mexico wasted a set point and the teams continued to battle it out before Thailand found some consistency and closed the set 27-25. 

A fired up Thailand took a safe lead of the second set to 5-0 counting on a well-organised defense. 

Mexico relied on Carranza’s shots and ace to give troubles to the opponents and an ace by Resendiz Lopez followed by an attack error on the Asian side allowed the Mexicans to tie 13-13. 

The clash heated up and the teams traded points evenly for the rest of a thrilling set. Thailand wasted 10 set point opportunities, until a successful block by Jarasporn Bundasak and a spike by Ajcharaporn Kongyot closed the set to a World Championship record score of 36-34. 

The third was another thrilling set with many twists and turns, as both teams were unable to stand out. Kongyot kept spiking from the Asian side and so did Sainz. 

Thailand wasted the first match point, until Sineenat Phocharoen scored to close the set and match 26-24 after almost two hours of play

Thailand, who earned their first three points in Pool C, will take on USA, while Mexico will face the Netherlands after a rest day.


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