Video challenge eyes the court in second and final round


The challenge system will be in place for Round 2

Modena, Italy, September 30, 2014 - The FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship Italy 2014 will utilize a 12-camera system to allow for video challenges of certain disputed calls starting in the second round and going forward through the finals in Milan.

"(The video challenge) is very important because the teams train a lot," said FIVB Women's World Championship event director Marcelo Wangler. "It is possible that one mistake of the referee, a team could lose the match. With the video challenge, this is not possible. A team has the right to ask for the video challenge, and if they are right, it is the best solution."

Video verification for this World Championship can be requested for the following situations only:
a. ball position when touching the floor (ball IN with any part of the ball inside the court or touching the boundary line or ball OUT);
b. faulty antennae or net contact by a player on top of the net only;
c. contact of a player’s feet with the end line (when executing service).
d. ball contact with the antennae on top or above

Both teams have the right to call video verification for a referee’s decision twice per set. Between two rallies only one request for video verification can be made. Any team may not make a challenge if within the same interruption there has already been a challenge. If the result of the video verification leads to a decision-change in favor of the requesting team, it does not decrease the number for video verification calls available for this team in this set. On the other hand, if the decision of the referee was correct, it means that the number of video verification calls for this team in this set will decrease by one.

Only the coach can address his team's requests for video verification to the 1st referee (not later than 5 seconds after the rally has been finished). If the request is judged by the 1st referee as inconsistent with challengeable matter, the request will be rejected and the requesting team will be sanctioned for game delay.


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