Undefeated Brazil eliminate the Netherlands in four sets


Brazil celebrate their seventh World Championship win against the Netherlands

Verona, Italy, October 2, 2014 – Undefeated Brazil beat the Netherlands for the seventh time in seven World Championship meetings in four sets (23-25, 25-20, 25-16, 25-16) in their second match of the second round at PalaOlimpia on Thursday.

Having lost both matches of the second round, young Netherlands have missed their opportunity to advance to the final round in Milano. 

Key points:

•Brazil played 20 matches against the Netherlands at major tournaments and only lost one, at the World Gran Prix in 2007
•In 20 meetings, they conceded only 11 sets against the Netherlands team
•The two teams met at seven World Championships and at the last four. Brazil won all seven matches 
•Brazil have won three of their first seven matches in straight sets, with only CEV teams claiming sets off them (Turkey, Serbia and the Netherlands)
•The Netherlands have now lost four of their first seven matches
•They lost in straight sets only to Serbia on Wednesday

Fernanda Rodrigues was the top scorer of the match with 20 points, followed by Thaisa Menezes with 19. The best scorer on the Netherlands side was Lonneke Sloetjies with 13.

Brazil started very aggressive in the first set, with powerful attacks by Thaisa Menezes and Fabiana Claudino. The Netherlands were not well-organised in defense and had errors that helped Brazil reach the first technical time out leading 8-2. Brazil blocked Celeste Plak effectively and only captain Robin De Kruijf was able to cause problems to the opponents both blocking and attacking. Setter Laura Dijkema scored decisive second touch points and Linneke Slöetjes spiked to level the score 19-19. The teams traded points for the rest of the set, until a kill block by Plak and a spike out by Fernanda Rodrigues gave the set to the Netherlands 25-23.

Slöetjes scored the first point in the second set, but Brazil didn't let them take control of the game. Menezes helped her team build their lead up to 9-5, but some errors on their side allowed the Netherlands to level the score. Plak managed to avoid the Brazilian blocks and  scored two points in a row with her kills. Only towards the end of the set did Brazil manage to take the lead again and to advance with a solid defense and effective attacks. A spike by Rodrigues closed the set 25-20.

Brazil started the third set determined to keep up the performance and reached the first technical time out leading 8-4. Rodrigues' attacks were very effective, while the Netherlands could not play consistently. They attacked well, but also had a lot of errors that neutralised their efforts. Relying on those, and on kills by Menezes and Jaqueline Pereira de Carvalho, Brazil quickly reached 24-15. After a first set point wasted, a spike by Tandara Caixeta put an end to the set 25-16.

Once again Brazil opened the set dominating to reach the score of 10-2, counting on good spikes by Sheilla Castro and Rodrigues. Libero Camila Brait looked focused and defended impeccably, making it difficult for the Netherlands to score points and reduce a widening gap. De Kruijf erarned some points with her attacks, but with a struggling defense the European team did not stand a chance to turn the match around. Brazil closed the set at 25-16 with a spike by Adenizia Silva, securing a 3-1 victory.

Brazil will meet Russia at PalaOlimpia on Saturday, while the Netherlands will take on Turkey at PalaPanini in Modena.


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