Argentina win the match between the last two of Pool A


Argentina team

Rome, Italy, September 28, 2014 – Argentina shut out Tunisia 3-0 (25-19, 25-18,25-21) on the final day of the first round Pool A of the FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship Italy 2014 in Rome on Sunday. Argentina finished with a 1-4 record, while Tunisia concluded the tournament with a 0-5 record.

Argentina captain Paula Yamila Nizetich was the top scorer of the match with 14 points, Rahma Agrebi and Mariem Brik were Tunisia’s best scorer with 8 points. Julieta Constanza Lazcano added 13 points in the victory. 

Key facts
This was the first meeting between these two countries at the World Championship. They did meet once at a major tournament: Argentina won in straight sets at the 1999 World Cup.
For Tunisia, this was the first time that met a South American team at the World Championship.
Argentina, with this match, won three of their last 16 World Championship matches, all against African nations.
At 23-15 in the second set Castiglione left the match with an an apparent ankle accident.
Argentina won the first match in this FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship Italy 2014.

In the opening set, Argentina won 25-19. At the start of the match there was Argentina the service with Sol Piccolo. The first point was for Tunisia thanks an error in spike by the Argentina captain Paula Yamila Nizetich. A good start of Tunisia that managed the set by the score of 3-1. Thanks a great spike of Paula Yamila Nizetich, Argentina got the draw by the score of 3-3. The set was very close and both teams played point for point. Tunisia returned ahead going up 7-6. Thanks to an ace by its captain, Argentina went up 8-7 when the first technical time arrived. Tunisia overtook Argentina and went in front 12-9. The good margin created by the home team was closed by Argentina at 12-11. Thanks to an ace of Sol Piccolo, Argentina got the draw by the score of 13-13. At the mid set the Argentina tried to build a little margin of advantage and when arrived the second technical time out the score was 16-13 for Argentina. Tunisia coach Mohamed Messelmani called the first time out by the score of 18-13 under. With valuable points Tunisia looked to level the gap going to 20-15 under, but Argentina managed the game almost easily. Messelmani called the second time out as his team was trailing 22-17. At 23-19 went in on the court Agrebi Fatma for Marwa Barhoumi. In the final part the host team managed easily the match.

Differently by the initial set, Argentina started well in the second set also with an ace by Sol Piccolo by the score of 2-0 ahead. Argentina managed easily the match and when arrived the first technical time out the score was 8-3. Tunisia got important points thanks to a lot of mistakes of Argentina going up 10-8 under. A wonderful pipe of Sol Piccola at 13-10 ahead. A display of good aggressive attacks allowed Argentina to create an important margin of advantage going up 16-10. Tunisian game wasn’t good and Argentina gained points very quickly. Messelmani called the first time out by the score of 18-10 under. At 23-15 Castiglione went out from the court with an apparent ankle accident and went in on the court Antonela Ayelen Curatola in her place. Argentina conquered also this set with the score of 25-18.

In the third set, there was the comeback of Tunisia that played point to point against Argentina. When arrived the first technical time out Argentina was ahead 8-5. A wonderful block of Reyes Florencia Busquets by the score of 8-5. An ace by Marwa Barhoumi and Tunisia got the draw by the score of 9-9. A display of good aggressive attacks allowed Tunisia to overtake Argentina and to go at 12-10. Argentina got one more time the draw by the score of 13-13. A great pipe of Nihel Ghoul and advantage of Tunisia. The set was fought hard and both teams didn’t want to let go valuables points for the opponent. Guillermo called the first time out as his team was trailing 17-15. Argentina got the draw at 18-18 after much effort. Messelmani called the time out when the score was 20-18 for Argentina. Argentina now conquered points easily and Messelmani called his second time out by the score of 23-20 under. The set was close 25-21 for Argentina.


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