Kazakhstan knocks out Mexico in straight sets


Mexico struggled against Kazakhstan losing their chance to compete in the second round of the championship

Verona, Italy, September 27, 2014 – Taller Kazakhstan knocked Mexico out of the FIVB Women’s World Championship Italy 2014 in straight sets (25-12, 25-16, 25- 21) in Pool C at PalaOlimpia on Saturday.  

After losing four matches, Mexico have lost their chances to  compete in the next round of the championship, where they only won one set against USA on Tuesday.

Key points:

•Kazakhstan beat Mexico for the first time at a World Championship, as it was their first meeting at this level
•The two teams met at the 2014 World Grand Prix and Kazakhstan won in straight sets
•With this victory, Kazakhstan have now interrupted a streak of five World Championship losses in straight sets
•Kazakhstan had lost their previous five World Championship matches in straight sets
•Mexico have are now on a 14-match losing streak at World Championships. They last won in West Germany in 1982

Captain Andrea Rangel confirmed the top scorer on Mexico’s side with 9 points, while Tatyana Mudritskaya and Sana Anarkulova where the best on Kazakhstan with 15 and 13 points respectively.

Kazakhstan started the set aggressive against a struggling Mexico, as the Asian team showed solid blocks relying on their height advantage. Mexico had too many serve errors, which contributed to giving Kazakhstan a safe lead. 

Anarkulova and Mudritskaya dominated at the net, while Dulce Carranza, Jocelyn Urias and captain Andrea Rangel tried to react from the other side. But Kazakhstan kept a firm control and closed the set 25-12. 

In the beginning of the second set, setter Claudia Lizbeth Resendiz Lopez served effectively, but her team wasted an initial advantage lacking coordination in defense. 

Rangel’s spikes proved Mexico’s best option in attack, but Mudritskaya and Anarkulova kept scoring on spikes. Mexico’s net fault on Matveyeva’s shot ended the set 25-16.

The North Americans looked reinvigorated in the third set, taking the lead with attacks that caused confusion in the opponents’ court. 

A second-touch attack by setter Resendiz Lopez took Mexico 8-7 to the first technical time out, while Carranza, Rangel and Claudia Rios kept attacking, keeping level with their opponents for the first time in the match. 

Matveyeva showed consistency on blocks, and Mexico had too many mistakes that allowed Kazakhstan to take the lead, until Carranza served into the net giving away the set and the match 25-21.

With four loss at this championship, Mexico have missed the opportunity to proceed to the second round of the competition. They will play their last match on Sunday against the Netherlands. Kazakhstan, who have only won one match and have now three points, will take on Thailand.


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