#Iogiocoapallavolo: Veronica, 27 years old, physiotherapist and middle-blocker


Rome, Italy, July 24, 2014 - The third episode of # iogiocoapallavolo (I play volleyball) is online, a campaign that will lead up to the start of FIVB Women’s World Championship Italy 2014, showing the profiles of many women who work and play volleyball in their free time.

Today is the turn of Veronica, 27 years, she is physiotherapist, but as soon as possible she wears T-shirt and shorts to train in the court, where she plays as middle-blocker, and share a passion for volleyball with her ​​teammates.

The hashtag # iogiocoapallavolo (I play volleyball)  brings with it a clear and indisputable message: Italy 2014 is the World Championship of all women's volleyball and will be a great competition also for them.


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