Cameroon's point of view


Trieste, Italy, September 26, 2014 – The Cameroon volleyball team is one of two African teams qualified for the 2014 FIVB Women’s World Championship in Italy. The Lionesses are traditionally known as a team of players that are particularly fascinating for their enthusiasm.

Their excitement in playing in such big event, the dancing before the warm up, their smiles emotionally capture the fans. “We are used to having fun and to dancing before the matches, it's one of our national traditions”, says Cameroon's player Leonce Nadine Nyadjo after Cameroon’s loss versus World No. 1 Brazil.

Cameroon is a multicultural country and this is reflected in our traditions. ”You can see that we have more than one culture. Dancing represents a mixture of all of this. We chose different steps and put them together to make one unique thing”, explains Nadine.

The lionesses are not the only ones to use such a ritual to deal with their fears. Cameroon’s men's team has its own dance with a different chant. “It all comes from the same culture in our country.” The dance is not the only thing the lionesses use for their exceptional warm-up: the Cameroon players motivate themselves with a special song: “It's a short song that we all always sing while entering the court. It takes away all our stress before the match.”

Cameroon have arrived in Italy without ambitions of qualifying for the next round. However, their preparation for the prestigious tournament was unique. “The three-month programme for the World Champs was very difficult and hard. We needed to be concentrated all the way. Once we got here to start the competition, we just wanted to enjoy the games and help each other as much as we can”, concluded Nadine.

An event like this tournament contributes to spreading the culture of a nation. Cameroon express themselves in a very special way, involving all the people around them. It is to show what team spirit means. The fans here in Trieste will definitely remember the Lionesses.


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