Terzic: “We won more easily than expected”


Coach Zoran Terzic was satisfied with Serbia's block and defense performance

Verona, Italy, October 2, 2014 – Serbia had prepared for a harder match against Kazakhstan, but they won more easily than they imagined defeating the opponents in three sets at PalaOlimpia on Thursday.

Serbia coach Zoran Terzic: “I didn’t expect that match to be as easy as it was, definitely not. Kazakhstan in the last few games and especially against Brazil made it very close and won 20 points in every set. I thought it would be harder, but we played very well today in block and defense. We stopped almost all Kazakhstan attacks and we won very easily.”

“I am satisfied because we played a good game and it was important for us to keep our rhythm against the Netherlands and Kazakhstan. We still have a good rhythm for USA and Russia. They will be different games to yesterday and today, but I believe in my team and winning or not isn’t only dependent on us.”

Serbia captain Maja Ognjenovic: "Today's match was a little bit easier than we expected. When we saw Kazakhstan during our video preparation they looked a bit better. They play a different type of volleyball than what we play in Europe, more Asian style because they cross a lot and they have their middle blockers in reception, but we're happy that we got another victory in straight sets.”

Kazakhstan coach Oleksandr Gutor: “Today’s game was a little bit unlucky for us. My girls play so much better than what you've seen today. Also yesterday one of our players injured and the others were not at their best today, so we didn't show our best.”

Kazakhstan captain Korinna Ishimtseva: “I prefer to not release any comment today, we as always played with heart, and I can be only satisfied by my team. Sometimes it's not so easy to be a captain, but my team is always with me and I'm very proud.”


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