Social media reflects growing excitement for Women’s World Championship


Events in Parma had fans reacting on social media

Parma, Italy, March 10, 2014 – While the drawing of lots for the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship, Italy 2014 was taking place in the splendour of Il Teatro Farnese, social media was lighting up in response to events. 

On Twitter there was a total of 670 posts before, during and after the drawing of lots, with a reach of more than a quarter of million people and an impression of more than one and a half million. 

Hosts Italy were pre-drawn in Pool A along with the NORCECA 2 side, Germany and Argentina, Croatia and Tunisia were added during the drawing of lots. 
Italy’s Volleyball Federation, @FederVolley, shared the thoughts of head coach Marco Bonitta on their Twitter feed, “We respect everyone, but we are Italy.”

Meanwhile German captain @maggiekozuch wrote on the German Volleyball Federation’s Twitter feed @TeamGER_Volley:

Meanwhile in Pool B Olympic champions Brazil were drawn alongside Serbia, Turkey, NORCECA 4, Cameroon and Bulgaria, leading @Barbara_jc to Tweet Brazil player Sheila Castro @sheilacastro, “Piece of cake right there, that group.” 

In Pool C NORCECA 1, defending champions Russia, Thailand, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan and NORCECA 6 were drawn together, while pool D is made up of Japan, China, NORCECA 3, NORCECA 5, Belgium and Azerbaijan. 

FIVB Facebook fans were the first to see information about the FIVB Women's World Championship Trophy. Fans discussed their favorite teams on the Facebook page, throughout the duration of the Drawing of Lots.

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Pools for the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship
Italy 2014

Pool A in Rome - Italy, NORCECA 2, Germany, Argentina, Croatia, Tunisia

Pool B in Trieste - Brazil, Serbia, Turkey, NORCECA 4, Cameroon, Bulgaria

Pool C in Verona - NORCECA 1, Russia, Thailand, the Netherlands,
Kazakhstan, NORCECA 6

Pool D in Bari – Japan, China, NORCECA 3, NORCECA 5, Belgium, Azerbaijan

The last remaining qualifiers in the NORCECA Confederation will take place
from May 12 to June 9. 

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