Vermeulen: “We will show the world we can play good volleyball”


The Netherlands bounced back from back-to-back losses to defeat Mexico

Verona, Italy, September 28, 2014 – The Netherlands will learn from Mexico to play 100 per cent, as they beat passionate Mexico 3-0 at the FIVB Women’s World Championship Italy 2014 at PalaOlimpia on Saturday.

The Netherlands captain Robin De Kruijf: “We are really happy because we won 3-0. Mexico lost the other matches before but it's a strong team, they played with their heart. In the first set we had hard time starting up our game because they played 100%, but I'm happy anyway. In the second phase we'll face Brazil and Serbia, they are both great teams but we'll play 100% as Mexico did today.”

Netherlands coach Gido Vermuelen: “We are ready (for the second round), we take some rest and we wait until Wednesday to show the world again that we can play good volleyball.”

Mexico captain Andrea Rangel: “We started the match in the best way, even though we made some errors. We always started well but unfortunately we lost concentration in the crucial moments. We'll definitely leave the World Championship with more experience for the future.”

Mexico’s coach Jorge Miguel Azair: “I think Mexico surprised many people because could face all their opponents and was able to win the first set against a team as USA. We are a young team, determined and brave. We surely have to work hard to be in the next World Championship. This is a team built for the World Championship so we are neither thinking about the next Olympics nor ready for it.”


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