Italy make three out of three with the third 3-0 victory over Argentina


Carolina Costagrande hits around the Argentina block

Rome, September 25, Italy, 2014 - Italy collected the third victory in the tournament without losing a set against Argentina. The final result is a clear 3-0 (25-17,25-17,25-16).

Key facts

- After two victories in a row Italy faced the No. 19 FIVB World ranking team

- Italians held Argentina to 22 points in the 1982 World Championship, the only previous meeting in the competition.

- Argentina in the third match of this home Women’s World Championship edition.

- Nadia Centoni was the top scorer of the match with 16 points, Paula Nizetich was Argentina’s best scorer with 12 points.

- Italy out-classed Argentina at blocking 13-6

Italy started the match with a 9-2 sprint. Cristina Chirichella’s serving hurt Argentina’s reception, with two aces. Valentina Arrighetti found a great connection with her setter Eleonora Lo Bianco in fast attacks that powered Italy 13-9 up in the score. Carolina Costagrande’s two points in a row forced Argentina’s coach Guillermo Orduna to call his first timeout at 15-9. A great defensive will didn’t give Italy the point after a long rally, but the point difference didn't narrow with Italy controlling the set six points up in the score. Argentina tried a double substitution at 21-14, but Italy’s block stopped opponent’s spikes. In the final part of the set Argentina managed to reduce the gap but Italy thanks to Valentina Diouf’s spike, came in for Nadia Centoni. 25-17 was the final score.

The second set started with Italy 8-5 ahead at the first technical timeout. Italian serves were so difficoult to receive for Argentina that they couldn’t build its game. Italy on the other hand played a clear volleyball with her wing spikers often used by the setter. Argentina called timeout at 12-7 with its team five points behind in the score. Paula Nizetich was the main spiker for her team, as it happened in the previous matches. Carolina Costagrande and Nadia Centoni continued to spike regularly and positively for Italy that lead the set at 19-15. Despite of Argentina’s opposite Leticia Boscacci attempts, Italy worked very well at blocking with six final blocks and closed the set actually with a winning one at 25-17.

The third set began differently from the other ones, with a substantial equality. It was Nadia Centoni’s turn to take the team by hand and to claim the first break of the set at 12-8. Argentina couldn’t repair its reception and without this fundamentals the others didn’t work. Italy arrived at the second technical timeout at 16-10 and Marco Bonitta decided to give the opportunity of court-time to Caterina Bosetti for Costagrande. Italy made some spiking errors in this part of the set and Argentina tried to take advantage of it. But the gap was too deep to fill up, being Italy six points ahead at 22-16. From the block came both the match ball and the match ending at 25-16.

Italy deservedly won the match, with Argentina never into the game. After the rest day, Italy will face Germany in a very hard test, Argentina will challenge Dominican Republic.


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