Tunisia set win is important for all the vollyeball world, Croatia's Vercesi says


Croatia celebrates the qualification for the second round

Rome, September 27, Italy, 2014 - Croatia earned qualification for the second round of the FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship Italy 2014, even losing a set with Tunisia.

Angelo Vercesi Croatia Coach - “I’m happy for the qualification, and I’m happy that everybody could play, improving their experience. In the second set Tunisia played very well, with good defense, and this result is so important both for them and all the volleyball world. Now we’ve achieved the first gol and we enjoy the moment."

Maja PoljaK Croatia Captain - “This game was more difficoult than we expected. The second set made the match longer, and this showed how any team enjoying the World Championship must not be under evaluated. We are happy to claim the three points as we planned."

Mariem Brik, Tunisia Captain - “We played in a high-low mood, under the defensive point of view. The victory of the second set, the first in the World Championship, will give us the energy and the courage to face the next match."

Mohamed Messelmani, Tunisia Coach - “We started very bad, cause my team is always afraid to face this level of games. In the second set we tried to serve better and we did it. In the third we were very slow and we couldn’t follow the rhythm. Croatia spiked deep and we were in difficult situations."


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