Playing for all those children it’s a pleasure, Germany’s Guidetti says


The coaches before the match

Rome, September 25, Italy, 2014 - Germany make the second victory in straight sets in two days against Tunisia.

Mohamed Messelmani, Tunisia Coach: ”Germany gave us hard time, they started very well from the beginning , and immediately put us out of the match. We hope we will have a game level similar to our during the match against Argentina."

Mariem Brik, Tunisia Captain: “Germany blocked at its top and we didn’t find ways to pass it. We should only think to the next match."

Giovanni Guidetti, Germany Coach: “I’m happy with this performance, especially for the younger’s one, I hope nothing bad has happened to our middle-blocker Karg, injured in the first set. She is in hospital now. Finally I want to congrats the organization for having all those kids on the tribunes in the morning matches. Playing in front of them is a pleasure."

Marareta Kozuch, Germany Captain: “We stayed focus during all the match, because it was very important to our path. Tomorrow we’ll rest to prepare the next match against Italy in the best way, because it will be a very hard challenge."


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