Elena Koleva and her son Denis meet again… in Pool F!


Mother and son: Elena and Denis Koleva

Modena, Italy, October 3, 2014 - Mother and son, both spikers, had the unique chance to meet in Modena during the most important event of the year: the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship Italy 2014. The passion young Denis inherited from mommy, Bulgaria star Elena Koleva.

Mommy will turn 37 in December, and is about to start her 10th season in Italy for Volley 2002 Forlì. Meanwhile, 15 year-old Denis will live in Modena to study top class volleyball in the historical Anderlini Volleyball School named after local legendary coach Franco Anderlini.

They met right after the game between Bulgaria and USA to take a picture together. Then they met again the day after, as Elena went to local Arena PalAnderlini to watch her son’s training.

With his 190 centimeters, Denis is the second tallest in the Under 16 team. He lives in Anderlini School’s guest house together with five teammates and studies science and technology in a local high school.

“Hopefully I will grow at least two meters tall,” he said after the fourth match of Pool F on Thursday, while already looking at his famous mother from above.

Time will tell if young Denis will have a career in volleyball as brilliant as his mother’s. In any case, Elena Koleva and her son will have a passion to share for life.


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