Claudino: "Kazakhstan were not easy to understand"


Brazil started the second round with a clean sweep against a fighting Asian team

Verona, Italy, October 1, 2014 – Brazil struggled to figure out Kazakhstan’s game in the beginning of the match, but swept them in straight sets at PalaOlimpia on Wednesday.

Brazil coach Jose Roberto Lages Guimaraes: “Our blocking and defense was not so good in the first and second set. We could not understand how they played, their attacks were hard to see and to block. Once we found the rhythm against their middle blockers, all our actions were easier to do and the third set was less strong to face.”

“The next match will be completely different: the Netherlands are a team who had a great evolution in these last few months: the settler is so fast and she can get her best spiker free so many times. Manon Flier and Robin de Krujiff are the most dangerous for us, because of their physical strength. It will be harder for us: the Netherlands improved their technical level, I had a very good impression about them watching their latest matches.”

Brazil captain Fabiana Claudino: “We started playing so slow, the Kazakhstan game was so fast and not so easy to understand. Our block as well as our defense did not find the right way against their game. Also our serve was not so effective. We wanted to improve the quality level of the match, but the most important goal became the result.”

“Once we understood how Kazakhstan played, it was easier for us and the match ran smoothly. The next match against the Netherlands will be totally different, the Dutch team has a faster game and it is physically strong.”

Kazakhstan coach Oleksandr Gutor: “We are already happy to be here, we didn't expect to reach the second phase, so we can now meet the most valuable teams. I'm very proud of my girls, they fought with the heart and until the end gave their best. I'm completely satisfied.”

Kazakhstan captain Korinna Ishimtseva: “Brazil is one of the hardest in the world, but we resisted a lot. I had the support of my friends and team, and I'm very proud of them. Tomorrow as always we will try to show our best.”


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