Bulgaria deserved to win and they did - Massimo Barbolini


Trieste, Italy, September 25, 2014 – Fighting as a team is the most important thing, said Bulgaria coach Vladimir Kuzyutkin after winning 3-2 over Turkey in Pool B of the Women’s World Championship 2014 at PalaTrieste on Wednesday evening.

Bulgaria coach Vladimir Kuzyutkin: My team played very well and both teams played to show a good match. We had two targets and they were to show that we exist as a team and to fight every match to the end. Fighting as a team is most important.

Bulgaria captain Strashimira Filipova: We are happy that we came back after the first set and fought to the end. We showed a strong game with a good defense. 

Turkey coach Massimo Barbolini: First of all congratulations to Bulgaria. We lost a chance in the second set to make a comeback. However, we learned another good lesson. There were some exiting rallies. Bulgaria deserved to win and they won.

Turkey captain Sonsirma Gözde: Congratulations to Bulgaria. I do not want to say anything else.


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