Alessandra Zambelli: “Women’s World Championship in Rome? How I would enjoy it!”


Alessandra Zambelli at the PalaLottomatica

Rome, Italy, September 24 - Alessandra Zambelli, an italian volleyball icon and ex-national team middle blocker, who was born in 1967 in Faenza, talks about her return to a sports hall.

Looking at the court she said: “It’s a big emotion to come back into the PalaLottomatica. I remember when I was here for the first time during a past European Championship, it was an extraordinary emotion to see the tribunes full. I would like to put in a big cheer for our team. To be here again breathing the same air - it’s always wonderful, I’m re-experiencing the same feelings. It’s like looking at a beautiful painting and remembering those moments."

Zambelli has many trophies from the time she spent at as a Ravenna, Napoli, Forlì and Rome player, but there’s something missing in her career.

“I would have liked so badly to have had the possibility to play a World Championship in Italy, to take to the court in front of your people, being pushed on by the audience, winning for them. All this has no price. To wear the national uniform is a big satisfaction, it gave me much happiness in my sport life. I hope the Italian girls will get a chance to experience this feeling more than once in their lives."


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