A World comeback


Rosalin Angeles Rojas (12)

Rome, Italy, September 28, 2014 - Rosalin Angeles Rojas is the second setter of the Dominican Republic, which is competing the FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship Italy 2014 in Rome's Pool A.

She debuted in her country with the team Deportivo Nacional of Santo Domingo in the 1999. She speaks a perfect Italian because she was in a relationship with an Italian man. But after the life has continued and it has changed, including having a child last year. He is Noa and now he stays in his country far away by his “world” mom, but they are close in the thinking.

The Dominican number 12 confesses that the birth of this child has given a new vital nourishment. By now she don’t play more in a volleyball club from 7 years, but now she is a big beach volleyball player and she plays volleyball only for her National team. She has worn her national t-shirt after seven years, and as soon as it arrived the convocation of her country, furthermore in a World Championship, she accepted immediately.

Now she stays well, but she doesn't think more to be summoned and so she has decided to enjoy her World Championship like a new mom. This World Championship is very positive until now for her team that has won four matches on four chances. Angeles tells us the distance of her little Noa has on her mind a strange effect, but in the same time the thinking and the cheer of her child gives to her energy to arrive until the end in this World competition. When she returns to her country, before Noa will go to sleep, she will have a wonderful fairy tale to tell him, a World fairy tale.


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